Maybe Even I

It hit you hard, didn't it?
Did it tear your soul inside?
Was your breath caught short by the inertia?
Did you fall to your knees and cry?
Did your world flip over, inside and out?
Did you lie to yourself, lost in your doubt?
Did you blame the world?
Blame innocence to fault?
Are you still drowning in your ebony heart?
Are you being dragged?
Are you back at the start?
Are you reading this and yurning?
Or are you disgusted with the thought?
Do you really know as humans-
We all need something to hold on?
No matter who you are and what you've done
We're all exactly the same
I can promise you right now-
So please don't let go:
Even deep down, you know-
A passion, a redemption, love, friend or forgiving foe-
Will inevitably show.
Believe it or not-
You are loved so
And maybe even I
Will help you up, again...

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