Maybe in Another Life

If I could do it all over I would do it all sober.
It probably wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't sinned so bad.
It wouldn't have been so sad.
Tears from the pen blood from the pad.
Scuffed from the past.
Not knowing what growing up.
With my pops not showing up growing up.
Now when I see him I'm blowing bowing up.
IF I would have known my folks before I was grown and swole
I would have been known my soul.
I would have been owned this road.
I probably wouldnt have been born so cold.
If my granny didnt have no stroke I'd roll for dolo.
If my girl didnt give up the panties when i was so broke.
With no hope and couldn't cope.
I probably would have been in the NBA.
Now im just stuck in G.A. stress out with nut thin to say.
While I feel like I need to be revived.
When I come back to the earth I'll return as a fly.
So high in the sky.
Maybe in another life.

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