Maybe One Day I’ll Be Missed

To wake up everyday and see the shine in your own eyes, potential growing each day with each new sunrise

To smile at everyone, do deeds for others, listen to a friend when they need a shoulder to cry

Then as time passes by, they have no more need for you, no more contact, they don't even try

To them your friendship has expired

I guess the person you were, was not what they admired

It's painful to have such a big giving heart

Knowing it would be a mess the whole time and that you shouldn't even start

You do anyways that's why they say think with your head and not your heart

That's when things can fall apart

Words and actions come out dysfunctional, toxic and razor sharp

Over something so small, most the time you don't know what you did at all

You extend your love again and again

That's just who you are, that's the type of friend

That stays true and loyal and never gives in and would do anything to see their compadre win

Now days its nothing but competition, lust and greed

Nobody cares about the broken or the ones truly in need

Family even hates to see their own family succeed

Or recognize the change instead of holding onto things that happened third party

Or situations that never happened at all

Just wanting to see the rumors slither through your life, giving others wrong impressions and watch your fall

See your life slammed into a wall and the grim reaper on his next call

But I will always fight and never give up, if you are against me that's your loss of luck

Call my name, St. Patty's girl dressed in green, batter up

Success, stability, kids and love are what is in my winners cup

I'm unnoticed

I'm unloved

I'm forgotten, yet free

When I start to get down about my life I remember those that have it worse then me.

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