Maybe One Day

A piercing gaze falls from the sky like rays of light
don't look at us.
Not until our destiny is completed
can the eyes of the almighty fall upon us
for we are not worthy.
Alone but not alone we run a race.
A race where the beginning is now,
the journey will lead us together, and the end is unknown.
As we try to make sense of what's flying by,
we hide our innocents in our hearts
locked in a cage for the hope that one day,
maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe next year
we will find each other and I will be the answer,
the partner, he was looking for.
And he will have the key
that unlocks the secrets that have been locked up,
in the darkness for far to long.
maybe then we can stop running,
walk hand in hand and enjoy the view

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