Maybe That’s Why I Never Left

Chances are, you'll question the answer and soon the truth
Chances are, the truth won't be what you want to hear
The truth is like a glass of ice water: They both exist in the same
The illusion is the ice, because the whole world is melting
I'm counting on courage to give me wings
I'm running faster and faster, and life is better when you taste it
The tide is high, and it's gonna hit you like a surprise
But it's gonna wash away the lies
Freedom is the best revenge, and karma tastes like candy
Someone said I taste like cotton candy and
Karma was a name of mine in another book in my closet
I woke up one morning, and I lost it
I broke my hard drive and left everything behind
The system says I did a crime, but I already did the time
I'm contemplating on the clock melting
And I'm awaiting the period at the end of this sentence
I'm looking for the truth in existence
(Maybe that's why I never left)
The world is on fire, and its cold as hell at the core
I'm melting inside, but my skin is burning from the rage

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