Maybe you think I’m kidding when I say I love you

Is it the way I laugh at everything you say or maybe you think I’m still in the honey moon phase.
See your the first person that has shown me that even far away a flower can bloom just by the thought of knowing it is loved.
I come from nothing
I don’t mean money and materialistic things
I mean I come from broken promises and empty i love yous sprinkled with hate and disgust.
I had a man give up on me the day I left the hospital but still called just so he could say he called
So much for unlimited talk
So on my left I have a father who thinks live is a call every six months and one my right a mother
Who searched for someone she lost 23 years ago but only I know it won’t work because no one wants an independent woman.
No man wants to feel unneeded but that is all she knew how to do.
Hustle on her own with no help
So when I say I love you it’s because they are filled with I will call you tomorrow and do you any need ?
Your love feels like a warm embrace I didn’t know I needed.

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