In the meeting of the saints,a fellow was present.
Seeking to see the different why the abyss is not made in the traffic.

The clergy knowing him a drunkard, called him to understanding.
"If it was arranged in traffics, you will still have a hottest room in the abyss".
Why, asked the drunkard?.
You are the most furious and reckless driver in your stupor.

Sin of any kind?
It's you alone commiting
It as dangerous as it's.
Christ only hell to devour!.

Ashamed and paralize,
Left the drunkard.
Living for a refrendum,a transformation and attestation.
God!, help sinners ?

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Key Words : No sin is small before God.

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Quit the ideas of thinking,you haven\'t committed a sin as dangerous as that of Judas. Sin of any kind is a reproach unto the Lord and a sinner without repentance is submitting his soul to the pit of hell.