Marine Corps true, M.C.S.F., that is you, est. since 1962, you help make our country's good
dreams come true. You make the skies of society oh so clear, so beautiful in hue, & the U.S.A.'s flag, of valiant red, pure white & vigilant blue too-are represented well by you, for a bright future for me & you-M.C.S.F. True. Go on Navy, on Marines, on with your legacy & your genes, through your children, you will see...what makes M.C.S.F. great, for you & me, in time, for all eternity. The M.C.S.F. scholar shouts:
M is for Marines, the few, the proud! *(Makes an M with both arms)
C is for Corps-the Elite Raiders Corps, one of the U.S.A.'s, best military force! *(Clap for Corps)
S is for scholarship, to leave the Marines Knight's heir, as a legacy! *(Salute)
F is for the Foundation's Marine Corps Motto: "Always faithful, always forward!" *(Right foot forward, moves whole forward)
M.C.S.F. honors the Navy & Marines, by knighting their children as scholars on each shoulder, with the steel sword of their forefathers blessings, as they kneel for every good possibility, with the great financial support of M.C.S.F. 's serendipity. The ceremony concludes, M.C.S.F. True.
H.C.C. is for me, the ideal models of a Marine's identity. The foreshadowing of M.C.S.F.'s success, longevity and legacy. Give me an H! H! Stands for: Honor of God, Country & Corps. Give me a C! C! Stands for courage, to fight & win for Democracy, when for all to see for eternity, Marines & Navy planted the flag in Iwo Jima, fought & won, for you & me. Give me the last C, to hear our victory! The last C is for commitment to ourselves & each other to survive and leave no soldier behind, & love one another, for the universal brotherhood, that we all be One. OoRah! March on, sing strong, live long. Hand any special complex mission, to the Man, the Marines-only guards to our President, the Navy, the heroes, the legends, the Mystery, that overcome any challenge in U.S.A. missionary, to give us M.C.S.F. scholars and make good history! May the Divine bless M.C.S.F. & its scholars to be trailblazers, triumphant torchbearers, tomorrow's right leaders, trained today, & ensure freedom for us, is here to stay!
© Elle M. 2020. Done 5/30/20 St. Joan of Arc Feast. Dedicated: To my late mom, Ana Maria.

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