There are those who want to be the next Martin Scorsese or the next Alan Moore or the next George R. R. Martin.
Those who pretend to follow their dreams while in reality, solely wanting to become famous. Those who throw away all bonds of fellowship in pursuit of an idea to enrich themselves.

Me... I just want to tell stories.
Stories that inspire men, women, and children alike. Stories that take the reader or viewer through hell and coming back cleaner and stronger on the other side. Stories with kind and noble heroes and heroines battling villains too cruel to speak of. Stories that all races and all creeds and all faiths can take to their hearts and treasure long after I have passed from this mortal world.

There are other people who use education flaunt their knowledge to students as an act of superiority.
Those who refuse to listen to an intelligent youngster while wielding expulsion like a knife. Those who equate intelligence to petulant snobbery which would be despised in any good era.

Me... I just want to teach the young.
To show the young how the world works. To show the young the beauties of the world and universe they live in. To show the young of humanity greatest triumphs and it most darkest moments so they can realize the difference between true good and evil before it is too late. To show the young of humanity that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL as was written way back in the 18th Century.

There are people who want money to live, of course, but also to upgrade to bigger and better houses.
Those who are happy to show off how good and flawless their false worlds are.
Those who fall in love with selfish bitches and bastards so they could use like a trophy of advancement up the social ladder, nothing else.

Me... I just want to live.
To hold another human being in my arms. To speak to this human being everything about my troubles, from mild quirks to horrible secrets. To live freely and happily and peacefully in a home full of love, where casual cynicism has no place nor thoughtless cruelty and stupidity. To live genuinely and without falsification, through the dark and the light of human existence itself.

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