When I look in the mirrors I see a girl so broken.
Her eye's tell a different story from her smile.
Her lips utter words that can't be heard...
Behind closed doors as I look at the reflection staring back at me..
I hear cries of pain.
Her lips tremble and her heart weeps but the stale faced mask that she wears tricks us.
Staring into the mirror the girl walks backwards & sits down.
Reminiscing while staring at her reflection.
Silent tears start to fall as she thinks about all the times she's been disappointed .
How can a girl be so strong after all the times she has been broken.
In the mirror I see a girl with a heart so cold . Everything she touches self destructs and everything she loves breaks her down.
I see a unhappy girl looking at me from a mirror as she wipes the tears off her face and puts on her mask..
I walk towards the girl as she walks towards me and I realize that the girl is me.

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