I don't know how it got this far.
Injecting myself with a poisonous tar.
Lonely..... Stony....... Slowly dying inside.
Running from the truth, trying hard to hide.
Wasting my youth, years continue to fly by.
Holding in tears that need to be cried.
Reassuring myself its not that bad.
Visualizing the life I wish I would have had.
Oblivious to what I was getting into.
Out with the old in with new.
Broken bad habits worse ones were replaced.
Reflecting on my life wondering how much more time will go to waste.
Everyday I tell myself I've had enough that's it.
Its not long before I throw in the towel and quit.
Restless, uncomfortable and, muggy. I can't seem to sit still.
Clammy, Achier joints, my body won't ever seem to heal.
Apologies to self for all the destruction and harm.
If I could go back I would have never let the needle register my arm.

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