I was not me without you first
For your Grace I hunger; I thirst
You created me in your own image
Having you love me is a privilege
Although you created me I took to my own road
Thinking I could do things on my own, have my own humble adobe
Then the world swallowed me up and consumed me as I went inside the darkness
People all around me with this good deed and that; me thinking them harmless
Deceit is like a deadly plague that will sneak in and consume
It’s our happiness that is gone out the window and our life left with gloom
We then spend our days in search for the light
With temptation all around to all the forbidden apples we bite
I was consumed inside the walls around me as I wandered in the dark
Scratching the walls to see if I can find a glimpse of light or create a spark
Oh how blessed I am for the day did come!
The walls started to crack and light started to shine through as I heard the beat of a drum
As the drum sounded loud and very close by, all the walls began to fall
One by one as they crumbled down, to my surprise there was not one wall!
It was so bright and warm at first it was hard for me to move
I didn’t know where to begin my walk, my journey a new
With each step I took feeling more and more empowered
I was not afraid, no longer a coward

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