August 12th, 1998
Is when I rose

Had to learn to walk
And wear baby clothes

With pasty white skin
And a very large nose

Back then, a true hardship
Was stubbing my toes

From birth to one
I reside in the NY

Then moved to PA
When I was still a little guy

The buildings in Pittsburgh
Were always so high

I wanted to spread my wings
And learn to fly

I never understood why I
Didn’t have a father

I just accepted it.
It wasn’t a bother

All I had were my mom,
Grandparents, and dogs

And a few friends too.
Those dudes were my dawgs

At school, the other kids
Would give me trouble

For no reason at all
I had extreme stress

In elementary, it feels
Like I’d have to do double

The work of the other kids
Just trying to impress

Kids would fight me,
So I’d fight back

But it’d be me who was in trouble,
They’d cut me no slack

Then at home, my mom
Would never understand

That it wasn’t my fault.
I just wanted a hand

Then middle school started
And life began to change

As we all grew older
We began to switch lanes

New people, new faces
New freedom in life

I was almost a teenager
But deep down, there’s a knife

Getting closer to my heart
Without me knowing

My grandpa was my role model,
I couldn’t imagine him going

Then shortly after 13,
School barely began to start

When he died unexpectedly
Due to problems with his heart

My life crashed around me,
I fell down in tears

How could the person
Who helped me through the years

Just leave me like that?
Without even saying goodbye

At that point in my youth,
I just wanted to die

Then come a year later,
Still having problems with grief

I was with my best friend Ben
And I smoked my first leaf

Then at home, as you’d expect,
Things didn’t improve

I couldn’t imagine the pain
That my grandma went through

But now we lived together
In a broken home

Each of us lived in the same house,
Yet we were each alone

We argued every day
And cried every night

My grandma had just been
Praying for the light

I’ve always been into music
Especially rap

But when I entered high school,
That’s when I began to snap

Ben introduced me to Tupac,
And I felt like I was saved

I’ve never related to someone more
Than I did that way

Then I established a friend group,
A family to call my own

But then I had to move to Indiana,
And I was ripped of my home

Pittsburgh and my friends,
They were all I’d ever known

But through all these experiences,
I have truly grown

But I reconnected with family,
That, of which, I never had

So I guess it didn’t really seem
All that bad

Until the summer before my
Senior year

My grandma was fighting lung cancer,
But her time was near

I said goodbye three times,
And the moment finally came

I now had no grandparents,
Neither of them remained

Then come December
Of 2016

I thought I met the girl
Of my dreams

Even though our ages
Were three years apart

I truly found someone
To place in my heart

But over those nine months,
We argued a lot

It’s seemed like not a day went by
Where we hadn’t fought

But right as I got to college,
And things seemed to get better

We both lost ourselves, broke up,
And never got back together

Then I truly broke down,
I couldn’t handle the feeling

She was the first girl I loved,
I’d never find another human being

I was losing control, and I got
In trouble with the law

I wished for death, a bullet
To the jaw

But I’ve met some people here
That made me think again

I need to appreciate my life,
I didn’t want it to end

So here I am
Writing my tale

Hoping I cab somehow
Tip the scale

With these rhymes that I write,
I finally feel set free

Because no matter what,
They’ll never be another me

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