Me and You

By GG   

A poet who crys?
That's a poet who weeps,
A poet who dies?
That's a poet who sleep.

Year and year,
Here and there,
Through and through,
For me and you.

Here lies,
The lies,
Told to me,
Through you.

I did not forgive,
I just forgot,
Yet I remember,
What I was taught.

God forgave me,
He gave me a break,
I guess I'll do,
The same.

It's such a shame,
To walk away,
In defeat,
And beg for mercy
At the feet,
Of the person,
Who owns the shieth.

To the dagger,
That killed your father.

I'm done,
Oh no I'm through,
I'm so sick,
And tired of you.

So say goodbye,
I've turned my back,
And you backstabbers,
Your lies weren't enough.

To hold me down,
So now I'm done.

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This Poems Story

This is about me and my old friend who I was always there for but she stabbed me in the back and turned her back on me