Me, in 313 Words

I am from a small Iowa town nothing but
happy people and a family
who loved me all around
split apart by money and the law.
I am from a mom who worked day in and day out.
I am from a family full of cousins that are
sweeter than any apple pie I have ever tasted.
I am from the sound of football games on
tv and loud cheering all around me.
The sounds of people and reality tv this is all that
makes me happy.
I am from the smell of fire pit smoke and
things baking on the stove.
I am from the touch more gentle then the rest
Something like a pillow a calm place I can rest my head.
I am from the taste of meat and potatoes
I am from the feeling of openess
And happiness more important than most things
"Just be happy" my mom says
Wherever I go this I will never forget.
I am from Iowa State cheering and mock trial
Debating, everyday something interesting awaits
I am from the sight of wearing glasses since I was 3
A contacts wearer I will forever be.
I am from the vision of being an optometrist
Someday no matter what may get in my way
I am from a family so nice and
A future ahead that is oh so extremely bright

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