Me Ke Aloha

The way the sun touches me, feels like a hug from my Makua.
The way the Makani blows, feels like a kiss from my Kapuna.
The way the waves break, feels like the playfulness of ko'u Kaikaina.
So why in the 21st century people can harm my makua.
Pollute my kapuna and steal my kaikaina.
In a place that represents my family in so many ways.
A lot of people love to exploit it. Why is that?
Living in a place known to be paradise.
People don't understand my peoples hardship.
Being homeless in your own land, being hungry in your own home.
Can you imagine it?
To be proud is to be ignorant.
And to be ignorant is the only way to get it across to people.
That my home is far from a paradise.

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