Me & Love Don’t Mix

If I ever saw real love I'd probably run & hide.
What business do I have breaking a heart that isn't even mine?
Because that's what I'll do.
Unintentionally I'll tear it in two.
I'd say I was sorry but I wouldn't even know what for.
My experience with love is at best poor.
I'd give you the world but it would never be enough
because I don't know how to love. Like I said my training has been rough.
I'll say I'm this & I'll say I'm that.
But the truth is I don't have a clue & that's a fact.
The only thing I know is I'm terrified,
that love doesn't come with a manual or a guide.
If real love ever came my way,
I wouldn't know the first thing about how to make it stay.
Still I'll never stop wanting it until my last breath.
To love someone until I've got nothing left.
To stare into eyes
That can't even fathom lies.
To see the world in a different light.
Hold someone tight in the middle of the night.
Show my heart's scars unashamed.
Free from all the guilt & the blame.
Admit that I allowed myself to be broken.
My heart's on some guys keychain like a token.
If I found real love I wouldn't know how to play fair.
This is my one & only warning if you dare.

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