Me Man – You Girl

As a man I woke up from the road
I'm from a poor village, but
You are from the royal city
Man; stepped on, spitted on by thousands
Drew sweat in misery.
You girl, were raised in the royal place
As a poor man I was like maize in a fire
Living, collecting useless dreams
You girl, were born rich, and in luxury
You can't comfort me
As a poor man I laughed with little hope
Laughing alone, weeping alone.
You girl, were filled with heavenly joy
With diamonds and pearls
As a poor man I knelt with
shame in front of the lips
Don't know died or alive in this world
That's why we can't be in a relationship
We are the same human being
But we have huge difference
Our path is different, way is different
That's why good luck to your future

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