Me, Mine, Myself

Simply because I waited to show
I let all the pain Inside of me grow
Calm like the water down below
I let it drill me inside like lifeless sorrow
I did not know I was letting in
All the darkened pain of sinking in
I did not know I was blocking out
All of the brightness of sunlight throughout
All that was flowing was mellow and grey
All of my being was blocking my way
Let me now open; let me get it all out
Let me feel sunshine, dry all off n about
Let me be mist that sorrow can evaporate
Let me be cloud that sails off the crate
Let me be rain that showers again
Let me be hope that springs from that rain
Let me give life to all that's true
Let me make myself glaze anew
Let me be known for being myself
Let me be mine forever for myself..

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