Me, My Popular, My Funny

Excuse me what did you say
Oh you said you don't like me or my dumb jokes
Well too bad
If you don't like me go away
That hate is stinking up the place
You think it's weird I ride an imaginary unicorn
We'll I think it's awesome
Go ahead make jokes call me names I don't care
I'm me, I will always be me
You don't know what waffle or bagel means
Good it's my secret language not yours
I don't care if I'm not "popular"
We are in middle school we don't really have a popular group
If I have to dress nice or be your kind of funny to be popular
I guess I'm not popular
Well actually I am
I'm popular with myself and my real friends, that's all that matters
And you know the best part
I don't have to dress nice and I'm my funny, not your funny, my funny
Don't be someone else so you can hang with the "cool" kids
Be yourself and be popular with the actual awesome people

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