Me Myself And I

By Kris   

I lay in the cave
Alone and cold
I call out for help
But no one hears
I lay my head on a rock
Hoping to rest my eyes
No one to call
Nothing to eat
Just some old raggedy clothes
And a dead cellphone
I take out my knife and look down at my wrists
A tear trickles down my cheek as I carve lines
Into my wrists
I take a piece of clothing and wipe my blood
I use my blood to write a note
“Please save me from this dark and lonely world”
As I think to myself
“I have no one to save me”
Just me myself and I
No friends
No family
Just me myself and I
As I look out the cave
And up at the stars
I can faintly see where my heart lies
With my head in the clouds
And nowhere to go
I take one last breath..
And put the knife in my throat

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This Poems Story

In today's society a lot of teens/adults feel lonely, this poem is about living in a "cave" with no one to save you