Me, Myself & My Loneliness

My loneliness is a ghost I sometimes let in through the back door
I purposely leave the door unlocked
Forget for a second it even exists
My loneliness is a homeless bastard
It asks for charity
As if it doesn’t already own half of my things
As if I am not charitable enough by letting it live rent-free inside of this body I call a house
My lonely has worn so many names
tonight it wears yours
I feel the bitter taste of the I love you
I’ve told you so many times tonight
It’s not sweet as it used to
It burns the back of my throat as I try to swallow it back
As if I’ve not said it before
As if it holds the weight of every name it has dressed as
My lonely is the reason why falling in love
feels more like falling down the stairs
less like flying
and more like taking part on a play where every character is a scam
And every scene is an illusion
So tonight
I’ll write your name in my memory
make sure to lock the backdoor
And tell the bastard
This house is not
giving charity any more.

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