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Me, Myself & You

All I wanted, was for my voice to be heard
But I say nothing, not one single word
Couldn’t explain, how I truly felt
Down my spin, everything began to melt
Emptiness, filled inside me
Fought it through, just to be free
Glazed up the sky, to where I wanted to be
“Help me, Lord. I can barely breathe.”
Inside of me, is just my cold soul
Jinxed it to not come back, as a complete whole
Killed every piece, I no longer want
Letting it be, so it can haunt
My mindset, shifted aside
Nowhere to go, for a simple guide
“Open your eyes!” I told myself
“Pick up your feet!” I couldn’t help
Quickly got up, and took a breath
Realized then, how much time I had left
Saw what I built, this wall of mine
Tears that fell? I'll be fine
Unlocked myself, and saw the beauty of life
Valued it, because nothing has ever felt so right
Wash away, all the sadness you’ve ever felt
X-ray the meaning of love, especially in yourself
You are strong, inside and out
Zillionaire your smile, because you’re going to stand out

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    This Poems Story

    My alphabet poem came to my mind when I was at work. I was really depressed and somehow these words just came to mind. Every word just kept coming & coming, I couldn't just let it slip away. So I grabbed the closest paper & pen & wrote it all down. I scribbled off words and added words, totally forgot that I was at work. After I was done, I kept rereading the poem to myself and thought, "I can't believe, I forgot I use to randomly write poems!" It may not be the best but I was truly proud of myself, that this is how I express myself. That this is how I find myself, how i am Happy and that is to write poems.