Me Talk How I Be

Slumich Beastsing
I can't help how I talk
Like a beast
I can't help I am
I can't help it how I feel
I don't care if y'all know it or not
I'm do it cause it's comfortable
I can't help it they love my beast
I'm slumich beast my personality cause it's in me to be
My imprecise my slumich groove it's great for me
It don't care for who want act like they know it all
Slumich Beast
They can't stop how I beast
I listen to me
I don't care how slow or fast they feel to catch on not to understand me
They have problem with my gentleman beast
It's so fire they got to get jealous and hate to see can they understand my slumich beast
Common-scent can't help but to come out my beast
It's funny sometime when they their self off to understand myself from speaking up for me
I can't help my slumich Beastsing ain't weak
I can't help that this ladies love my slumich beast speak
I can't help it's for one woman like any man that have a chance at a female that love them before go or when they are their
I can't help my slumich beast don't trick nobody to die or liv
My slumich beast is straight out
Pardon my slumich beast
Slumich Beast

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