Me, Unseen

Merely because I exist,
With your
Set of bad circumstances,
Your sadness, and rage,
I will not bare
Your false blame.

I am here,
And I can
Love you or leave you;
But I will not
In your sea of
Lured in by your
Cries for help,
And then,
As the source of
Your pain.

This is not
My first time here
In the position
Of scapegoat,
But I know
Past from present
And you are
Not here
In the present
With me.

Who do you see?
It’s certainly not me.

Is it your
Self-obsessed mother -
Who cast you aside
When she eliminated
The other things
That stood in her way?

Is it your groping father,
Who kissed you
With beer-basted lips
And grasped your small body
Underneath sweaty sheets?

I watch you
Watch this movie
Crying out in
Terror and rage,
And this role of
The perpetrator
Is not one
That I wish to play.

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