Me, You, Us VS Covid-19

Covid-19, lockdown, pandemic, death.
I’m patiently waiting on the day where I can ask “is it over yet?”
Fascinating that a microscopic virus can cause a global crisis,
Where life and the new normal is now confined to electronic devices;
But why is it that something so small can belittle us to this extent?
Is this nature’s punishment attempt?
For we humans continue to destroy the earth day by day:
Pollution, animal cruelty, crime.. you name it- we do it everyday.
Maybe this virus is one of the ways to teach us some life lessons;
Firstly, that nature is even more powerful than any man or weapons;
Secondly, this is the opportunity to appreciate friends and family,
Forget the ego, have a real conversation, it’ll make you both happy;
Thirdly, maybe this is the way for us to learn to be patient,
Life will continue with time, with education and vaccination
-which does not happen overnight but rather it takes years,
Is it 1, is it 2? No one knows, and not a single person can declare.
The sad reality is that its causing more harm than a wake-up call;
Poverty, job losses, failing relationships.. and that’s not even all.
For us, the repetition of being home all day is driving us insane;
No travelling and the lack of a social life equals a mental drain.
But what can we do apart from waiting.., waiting and waiting;
We don’t have a choice, and really it is very frustrating!
If only time could fast forward 2 years ahead,
Would Covid-19 pretty much be dead?
It’s a global wish, hope and prayer,
We can’t go on like this for another year!

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