Me, You, Us.

Tears are the words the heart can't say,
those tears are the sprinkles of a rainy day.
But my heart it yearns and longs for yours,
and in your heart I hope I'm the one you adore.
I'm perpetually sad and always down,
but that's just when you're not around.
If you're not present my heart is broken,
I would tell you this, but those words need not to be spoken.
The other piece is there with you,
when we're in sync its like were brand new.
Our two pieces come together and shine oh so bright,
because we know that "us" is right.
I could write about my feelings for you all day,
but then my thoughts would start to stray.
I want to say, if I take care of you and you do the same for me,
then you and I can forever be.

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