My mind is making lapse around the moon
Wondering if it will see you anytime soon
Praying that we make endless trips around the sun
Two gorgeous comets tied together, seen as only one
People looking up to us their faces froze in awe
Their thoughts all blown away knowing what they saw
God's wonderous plan for us is dotted in the sky
We board this flight together hand in hand we fly
So to the ends of earth I will gladly travel
Even with my feet bloody from sharp gravel
If and only if you are standing at the end
That new and gorgeous star I've been calling friend
This is turning oh so quickly from simple like to love
Our fates are tied together in the sky above
I see you in this life I call a crazy dream
There we go together as a blazing team
All the world can see us now
and we've left them gasping how
Alpha to Omega is beginning to the end
Our love will last forever and for that I press SEND

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