Meaning of Beauty

Meaning of Beauty
By Presley Cook

My opinion of beauty is quite complex… I feel like my heart and mind contradict each other. One tells me that beauty comes from within; the different parts of me that make me unique, the compassion I have towards others; the joys God has placed on my soul. That true beauty is when she wakes up in the morning ready to take on her day, to brush off any negatives and be the light in someone else’s day. It is when she smiles so much that her cheeks hurt when she finally lays her head on the pillow, or when her sunny days turn into storms, she finds people to help her push the clouds. True beauty within is when any friend or stranger is attracted to her lively spirit and can talk to her about anything. It is when she finds the strength to carry on when someone or something brings weight to her heart. It is when she feels unstoppable in a world that’s doing its best to stop her. That is the meaning of true beauty, but I hate to say that it is more complicated than that… See, the other side tells me that beauty comes from what you see on the outside. That she is beautiful if she was blessed with the “right” genetics. That when she looks in the mirror, she must change the flaws she sees in her reflection. It is adding a collection of pictures of photoshopped women to her Pinterest board, hoping that one day… just one day, she will look like them. That true beauty is when she covers up her acne scars and her freckles with loads of makeup, and when that finally doesn’t do the trick, she turns to plastic surgery because beauty is having a perky nose and big lips. It is having thick and voluminous hair that everyone is envious of. True beauty is skipping meals and exercising daily to get the “perfect” body. It is being just like celebrities or models; having similar wardrobes or the best Instagram page because that will give us more compliments and approval. It is not standing out from the crowd no matter what because people will think you’re weird or not worth talking to. Beauty is complex….. And the funny thing is, I know.. we all know which version of beauty is best. So, what keeps us from just choosing that side? What is so great about chasing something that will never satisfy us? Perfection does not exist within humanity. We are all messy and broken, and the only way to create sparks of long-term happiness is strengthening the beauty within our hearts and outside beauty will then follow. The second version of beauty was described second for a reason… because in the end, when we are all on our deathbeds, no one cares what your hair looks like, if your makeup covered up your pimple, or the number on the scale. They remember you for who you are, the smile on your face, the kind of friend you were, and the strength you carried and built as you grew older and as you overcame the different obstacles you faced. Your beauty cannot be seen in the reflection of a mirror. Beauty goes far beyond that. So, why are we, as a society, scared to believe that. Why am I scared to believe that?

She is beautiful.

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