meaning of life ?

By KG   

What is the meaning to life Its a question many Have asked before.
Be you rich or poor it's The answer your searching for.

Many would pay A fortune to have it. you'd be a millionaire if you could find it.

Too bad the secret Well kept and priceless.
Even if you Were Immortal You never find it.
I wish I knew I'd tell you all Of course I charge the rich and give it free to the poor.

But alas I am no more closer than you The answer evades me It won't even give me a clue.

Maybe we really did evolve from apes to man Or maybe we're just part of some God's plan
Or maybe We were dropped here by some alien race Or maybe We are the descendants of a ancient race. I don't know that's just some theory's created by man

But there had to be a way we all ended up on this land. Pick one of those to believe if you wish I don't know about you but I'll just stick with what if.
But here some advice That I know is true It's simpler to not ask why and just live to be you.

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