Meant to be

I have a hopeless heart,
when it comes to love
I want a love that is deep,
Like the kind I see in books
I care too much,
About the way that I look
But I won’t change a thing about me,
I don’t see why I should
I’m dramatic, I’m stubborn,
I sing how I feel
I don’t have time for games,
I want somebody that’s real
I’m indecisive, I’m lazy
I don’t have a clue,
The one thing I’m sure of,
Is how I feel when I’m with you
I fall way too quickly,
I break easy – like glass
I think way too much,
About mistakes I’ve made in the past
I’m hopeless, I daydream
Of what will never be
That you’ll look at me as more than a friend,
As more than platonic company
I’m restless, I’m scared
That I will never know,
How it feels to be wanted
How it feels not to be alone
I’m happy, I’m good
At telling myself that I’m fine,
That I could stop wondering
What it would be like to call you mine
I’m all out of truths,
I’m full of white lies,
Like the one where I tell you,
That I’m ready to say goodbye
To the daydream, to the hope
To the idea of you and me,
That I’m finally ready
To call it quits on my “meant to be”.

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