Meant to Do

Time stands still as the world circles 'round.
Moving slowly as each day passes by.
I'll be right here, my soul is bound.
Bound by you, my forever heart.
My lips so clearly speak, my hands so fully feel,
the sound of your name, the touch of your skin.
That's where I belong, where my life begins.
It's in your eyes, I see my soul.
It's hands intertwined, kisses so sweet.
It's dreaming of that day, I know we will meet.
I know you're out there, I know you exist.
As the earth spins it's axis, as seasons come and go,
I'll wait right here, I'll dream of you.
I'll imagine just what your heart can do.
When my time finally comes to love one true,
It's your hands I'll find, and lips I'll kiss,
and I'll know right then, it's you I've missed.
I'll then live each day as it is new,
Holding on to you like tomorrow is gone.
Loving you, it's what I'm meant to do.
My forever heart beats within you.

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