Measure of a Man

What exactly is the measure of a man?

Is it based on how many women he's been with? Or is it based on how he has treated those women? Is it how much money he makes? Or about how hard he works for the money he does make? Is it how big his house is, or how expensive his car is? How about how much he can drink? And who exactly says if he is a man or not?

Yeah you've hooked up with a lot of women, but how do those women feel about you, did you respect them? Did you do everything you could to make them happy or did you do what made you happy despite them? Yeah you make a lot of money, but how happy is your family? Do you ever see them or are you gone so much they hardly know you? How do your kids act are they crazy, and disrespectful? Or are they respectful, and behave? And you can drink a lot, but what kind of person are you when you've been drinking?

I believe the definition of a man is; someone who has treated the women he has been with with the utmost respect. It shouldn't be based on how many women you've slept with. That a man's family should come before his job, yeah having a lot of money would always be nice. But you shouldn't have to sacrifice your families happiness so you can make more money. You can tell a lot about a man by the way his children act. If his kids are wild and disrespectful, there's a very big chance that this so called "man" is the same way. A "mans" children to me should be very respectful, and should be well behaved. There's nothing wrong with drinking but that shouldn't be a definition of a man. A man should be able to control himself, and some "men" when they drink can not control themselves.

But who am I to say who a man is exactly? Well I know that I respect all women, the ones I'm with or not with. I'm going to make the amount of money that I need, not want and will never sacrifice my family for more money. I'm going to try and raise my children with the same values my father a "man" instilled in me. And when it comes to drinking, I will never take drinking to the point that I will be disrespectful, or treat the people I love poorly.

So if that's not your definition of a man, then I guess I will never be a man in your eyes.

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