Measuring Life

If you had reason to believe that your life would soon end,
what kind of message would your story send?
Were you loved by those who knew your ways?
Would you only be remembered for your bad days?
How does one measure his life?
He must look at the love he shared with his children and wife.
How does one know if he has made his mark?
Did he walk in the light or di hi linger in the dark?
We want to believe that our accomplishments speak loud.
God does not care if we have impressed a crowd.
God only looks at the man inside.
Were you driven by faith or wrecked by pride?
God is pleased with hard work on His earth.
But works are dead without spiritual rebirth.
Lay each burden down regardless of weight.
Make sure you love and never hate.
Be careful not to listen to Satan's seeeds of doubt.
The battle between good and evil is a constant bout.
Trust in the path that Holy Spirit has spoken.
All of Satan's paths are twisted and broken.
Don't measure yourself on a worldly scale.
Life is not a report card with a pass or fail.
Pray to see yourself through the Father's eyes.
Measure by grace and no one dies.

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