Meddle Detector

Swan diving in my descent.

Through this hole of sole regrets.

Anger fire engine red.

Aggravated by affair

and the scars of verbal thread.

How could I have been so blind,

that I couldn't see in front of me?

So many days of quiet time

like living in a library.

I should have watered the suspicions

that took root inside my heart.

Perhaps, I would've avoided these incisions

that tore my trust apart.

Devotion changed

into wide open doors.

allowing fornication

inside your reservoirs.

Leaving the truest love you've known

to find a brand new home.

Now I face my pain,

and slow dance to this romance

on my own.

Just another washed up life .

Paranoid of new love's find.

No one understands why a million tears are dropping

down the shadows of a sad man's face

that all love has forgotten.

Because of what you said !

Because of what you said!

I go on living in this nightmare with

my anger fire engine red..

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This Poems Story

About being nieve and blind to the fact that another person was meddling in your relationship. Yet, these suspicions were ignored because everything you believed were thought to be assumptions. It's about trusting your gut. It's a piece of writing that inflicts anger and rage due to the misconception of your own trust.