Medicine Bag

I once sat with my grandmother on the buffalo plains. In the silence
She'd play her wooden flute, soft like the sound of spring rain

We'd sit for hours in the sun, letting it tan our face and backs
We'd watch the silver dime rise to the happy applause of a
Distant wolf pack

Sometimes she'd tell me stories to which I eagerly digested
Sometimes we'd sit in pure silence, observing nature unarrested

Grandmother always had her buckskin medicine bag at her side
Quite often I thought of what it contained: furs, stones, herbs
And all good things nature does provide?

Grandmother said it contained the best medicine on earth
It contained power that spoke life and gave the nations rebirth

It brought a peace and a healing like no other medicine
There's nothing in the world that can stand in comparison

Beautifully beaded and carefully made, how many treasures did this
Small bag hold? Grandmother smiled and slowly removed a small Bible
It's pages lined like gold

"Listen closely. Listen well." she whispered as on my forehead she
Placed a kiss. "There is no greater medicine than that of this."

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