The scariest word in my vocabulary
My greatest adversary is being ordinary
Being nothing unusual
Always being told I’m special oh wait fooled ya
I want to be an influence
Be an example
To contradict the nonsense taught to infants
Mediocre is for people who want to scoot by
Turn a blind eye and compromise
Not take off and fly
But that’s not me
After all what is feel good poetry
Poetry is the constant battle and friction inside of me
Writing down the problems so prevalent in society
Portrayed inside of me
So constantly I scribble on a page
The constant struggle of a teen my age
One searching for identity
One looking for a remedy and an answer to the question
Who am I?
Am I different am I the same
Is this all a drawn out game?
Am I losing am I even playing
This isn’t fun
Not knowing the outcome
Of what each move will do
Or what he has planned for you
But you know not the plans I have for you proclaims the LORD
Words straight of the sword
Maybe that’s why it cut so deep
Sometimes I feel like GOD’s people are fast asleep
Or are we dead
Cuz the alarm clock never stopped ringing
Just we never started living
So right now I’m speaking to a valley of dry bones
So awake Israelites I’m telling you to arise through your earphones
Its time to raise his army
And take on the culture charging
Maybe changing
But not conforming
Getting up in the morning and attacking the day
Welcome to the land of the living

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