I am lost
My mind and every fiber of my being are exhausted
I lie down, close my eyes, I see heavy polluted body
Inflicted wounds of tiredness, souls chasing order
Myriads of thoughts coming from every direction
Create chaos in my mind, I am longing peace
I take deep breaths, let the thoughts line up
And allow them to sleep, let my body flow freely
the tiredness slowly dissipates like steam
I look deep into the dungeon of my soul
Found the best, unchained it and let it free
I travel to the forest, I am naked
the past disappears and the future does not exist
I am perpetual present
I hear the whisper of the trees, they recognize me
I am embraced, they are my brothers
I am primordial again, back to my existence
I am afraid to open my eyes
I am afraid of a rude awakening
I found myself

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