If but for an instant, awake to dream
of subtracting the product of all mental activity-
staring blankly at what could be perceived as nothingness,
or as the absolute reflection of Omniscience,
peering through the porthole of the soul.

Unchastised by the overstimulation that is the world,
in the gulf of the mind,
stillness I seek to acquiesce.
No ripples, no tides, no turbulence:
Uninhibited by contemplation.

Thought on a hiatus begets
a comatose state of solace,
which is not a thought at all-
rather a way of being, a reality,
to be sensed outside of self.

And yes, the psyche is intermittently under attack,
as attention attempts to slither in between the gaps...
only to be sequestered by thoughtless awareness.
Therein, dwell I with the divine.

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This Poems Story

While penning "Meditation," I experienced being in holy communion with God. Daily distractions intended to crowd God out somehow diminished in that moment, for meditation plunges into the depths of the spirit and navigates the sacred terrain of the soul in a way that only it can. Meditation liberates and captives by surpassing the stipulations of this world. My prayer for those reading this poem is that you would be enveloped in sweet peace. To my family: Mom, Dad, Kadari, Nadra, Kanzi, Zora, Omari, Racquel, Amiya, Lakiya, and the world community. May the Creator's countenance forever be revealed to you through meditation.