There's a pill to wake you up
There's a pill to help you sleep.
There's a pill to keep you skinny
and a pill to help you eat.
There's a pill to make you happy
When you are feeling sad
And a pill to calm you down
whenever you get mad
There's a pill for when you're sick
And a pill to help your pain
And there are pills that will knock you out
that are prescribed for the insane
There's pills for everything these days, it seems
Like a control panel for every function,
even your thoughts and dreams
More socially acceptable
Than beer, cocaine, or weed
We think that if it is prescribed
It must be what we need.
We think the doc's are there to help
And in most cases this is true
But , unfortunately there are some
Who do as the drug reps tell them to
"Think of all the money"
"The more they take, the more they'll want"..
I lost my daddy to this"fix"ordered by his dear ol' doc
What should've helped him, made him sicker
Because he couldn't stop.

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