Grapple with Dracula
and lick your wounds.
Engage the Armada
your courage will be found.
Time's fabric wrinkles like silk.
Eternity ripples like the sea.

And she rebounds,
out of time and beyond
the gates of Andromeda
where goods are stamped by Pandora.
She's a child of the Titans,
bloated with pride;
wriggling like a python
but running out of time.

Medusa leaps out
on infinity’s shore.
and her opponents shout.
About this one thing, they're unsure.
The culture she brings
is imported, borrowed from a nebulla’s outer ring.

She came as a visitor,
now she's upstaging landlords.
Trafalgar rocks... agog with her fawning groupies
and everyone lines up like eager puppies.
This esoteric lady impacts like cataract;
we’re signing a contract to monopolize first contact.

Don't be fooled by appearances people.
This seeming superstar lacks credible ensemble.
She may resemble a Cinderella,
but be sure she's meaner than a gorilla.
She’s a supernova, cooking,
hissing in hell’s kitchen,
She's the most recalcitrant Titan;
older than the big bang.

Her appearance is an aberration of nature.
Please pray for her departure.
She's full of fury, bloated with pride.
She's not a fairy; a wrong candidate for a bride.
Ego is her religion,
pay attention to the symptoms.
Her hobby is chaos,
partnership with her is an albatross.

Medusa weaves galaxies like trinkets
all over her skirt.
Her medulla resonates with cryptic melodies
originating from Hades.
She drives a Jag to Times square
and infects a world from magma to the core.
She's here as a diva and all the bigwigs are head over heels.
They’re wooing Pandora and they’ll pay with ordeals.

Dracula is set for a comeback
and generation Z seems so freaked.
All roads lead to Trafalgar, and
eager fans are shooting the flick.
How come we got to this junction
and no one is asking the right questions?

Doom calls himself Sebastian
but we know he's no Christian.
He's a Sphinx loaded with venom
and African scientists are after his genome.
This dude isn't my friend,
and like his sister he's a fiend.
They say he’s a Leo on the prowl
and Medusa is a Virgo that howls.

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