Meet Me There

I will see you on the other side of the line
you said where fire flies meet with the mountains and the sunrise
Where ever you picture me,
Where ever you want to be I'll be there I'll be there
Wait for me when you cross I still have battles I have lost
I need you where the air sweet,
and our love is seen by all who meet
Where ever you want just say the word
and I will be there I will be there
You know I don't lie, even If I sound absurd
but I'll be there you have my word
Paint a picture, write a song,
slave your way through right and wrong
Read a story, make it sweet
cause you know that it's the place where we'll meet
Far across these painted skies
past all the hatred all the lies
Where all the ones we ever lost dance and sing without a cost
I will meet you on the edge of time far from all of man's crime
And I'll be there yes, I will be there,
you count on it I will be there.
But only if your there too

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