Meet You All Over Again

If I could meet you all over again,
I wouldn't be afraid of the butterflies.
I'd cover my scars,
Force the edges of my lips to curve
And let you wrap your body around me.

If I knew how much I'd love you,
I would memorize the lines around your eyes
Every time you laughed at our jokes
So I could always remember how happy we once were.

If I knew how much it would hurt without you,
I'd fall in love with you sooner.
We'd spend more Sundays at home
And less birthdays apart
Just so the memories could fill your place in bed.

Distance and time can mend what we broke
And our tears will eventually subside.
I'll wait for your hand on my cheek,
A kiss on my head,
And the chance to meet all over again.

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This Poems Story

I was raised by strong women in New Jersey who came to this country wanting a better life for their children and family. I write for them, for the words they were afraid to say and emotions they may have never admitted to feel. I was inspired by their love, great food and warm hugs. And, by the man who has taught me the meaning of love.