Meeting and Parting

She and he and they and them,
they walked by my side,
laughed my laughs
shared my tears,
we swore we'd be friends forever,
then life intervened,
and filled in some gaps…
and now when I turn around
those beloved faces are so far behind
and all I have is my shadow.

He and she and they and them
we walked together some life’s miles
and exchanged a million smiles,
this wasn't a lie,
this will last a while,
and so I thought till
life took us our ways…
I turned around again and found my shadow.

And now when I meet
a he and she and they and them
I wonder if it's a lie,
meant to give joy for just a while,
for isn't meeting and parting a way of life?
If so I must learn to move on
and live by myself and my shadow…

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