Meeting With The Second Soul


He strolls back in the busy road another day,
Now he was staggering all the evening to return,
Any alcoholic influence could justify his unsteady steps,
As well, scruple didn't accompany him now.

He stopped for a while before the marble-plated corner,
Where few people were vying to earn more virtues than others,
He didn't know what to wish before the sedulous deity,
Rather the precious clock urged him to proceed toward home.

The confirmed bachelor, but the fragile celibate, the most persuasive pal
Guided him today ignoring his disapproval.
Did he really object? Or, did he tend inwardly
To spend something from his nobility?

Troubled peace of daily existence, he enjoys
But he desired to add some colours in his pleasure
Which no average fellow can afford.

So, he ventured out....
To experience the polished beauty with flimsy attire,
Which was selling her appointed hour to exchange ready love.
Perfected nails couldn’t touch his heart,
But coloured lips sealed on his cheeks.
His heart didn’t stop, but the purchased love was enough to stifle his soul,
He was spared as was believed to be a debutant.

He was at home, really his heaven, he realized.
The little girl always rushes out to put a love on his cheek,
But nothing happened so then.
She was enjoying the fun of learning with her mother
Who, sacrificing the evening episodic entertainment, was
Pursuing sincerely to take her to the sphere of knowledge.

Getting a chance to recover his pulse,
He could do nothing,
He couldn’t hide the malady, forged by ephemeral insanity,
Nor he could expose.
He was shivering,
Ached heart was rebuking him without ceasing.
And the miracle happened....
His little love kissed him on another cheek,
Avoiding the tainted one.

The night deepened,
Rounding up all the household affairs,
Two hearts neared to each other.
He had nothing to shun anymore,
All was perceived by the genuine love,
She was calm, not in a mysterious way,
But being sure of no more repetition.

Family funs are fried
When money matters much,
Love loosens a lot
When demon devours deep.

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