Meeting You

I scream out from inside because
My world is torn apart.
Although I know no pain I've felt,
I cry out from my heart.
You suffer, three, and I doubt me
Where others live quite merrily.
I phoned you--lo! What have we here?
I thought we were
Not so near...
Alas, we grew though still we knew
That one would hate us two.
I called,"I love you!"
And that was all that needed
To be said,
For soon we sat down and
Discovered the feelings in our heads.
As we cuddled that one Saturday
Watching "Courageous" on your bed,
I realized that it was right to
Be with one who wasn't dead.
I loved You then and yet still
More now, and know it when
You kiss my brow. The butterflies
Swarm even now when I cannot
Be with You. I scream out from
Inside because my world now has a heart.

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