Melancholy Hour

I have been alone for all of today’s daylight
Woke up at noon
Past any semblance of normalcy
But it is 5:52 in the evening,
And the sky is a wine dark ocean,
Frothing clouds blocking out
Any hint of the winter sun
That might possibly remain
There was no setting today
No color painting the horizon
Yet Apollo has vanished
I saw him earlier today, I could swear
My mood waning
Like soft crescent of his sister
But the kitchen lights are too warm
Casting yellow upon the bone deep ache,
Chasm, in my chest
And my face is reflected
In the glass of our sunroom window,
Dirty from the pollen of a long past spring,
But I cannot make out my features
Past the shadow cloaking half of me
For I have wept without tears
Without sound
Without self
For far too long

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