My throat splinters on the key I swallow,
Trying to lock away my secret.

I can see myself
Melting out of the sky
The way sunshine slips off the air in summer.
I watch as I pool into the ocean,
A reflection becoming reality.
It wraps me in a quilt that smells like salt.
The sea,
it feels.
Don't you know that?
Its anger bubbles,
Greed destroys towns--
Waves and waves and waves.
It traps people,
Drapes them in their own guilt.
It is sad.
Every day, a part of it ascends,
And gives a bit of its soul to the sky.
The sky pulls me in like heat rising off the blacktop.
Drip, drip--
Salty waves, angry waves.

I slip the key into the ocean,
And my throat splinters as I swallow it.

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