Memo... it\'s time to ring!

Rose with the sun and winked,
Grabbed the bottle and clinked.
Waiting there stood my Memo,
Clutched onto it on the song of 'Ego'.

A smile ran across the face,
Fastening the ride and the lace.
Spots and places are just an excuse,
Memo's the reason, cause it's my muse.

Breeze and the roads I left by,
Styles of ride, wicked and sly.
Blank stares and weather blinking,
Like drizzles and sunny side shrinking.

Breathe in, breathe out, what's that?
I've got my Memo, what else to hat?
Oh yeah, there is, thirst and growling,
Munching snacks and drinks crawling.

I don't wanna go back, not today,
There's something coming in my way.
Sunrise I saw and now it's sunset to see,
Wish to travel on 'Ring! Ring!' everyday with glee.

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Tags : bicycle, rider, journey, memories, fun, childhood
Key Words : Memo, Ride, Bicycle, Roads, Paths, Places, Weather, Travel

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This Poems Story

Travelling on my bicycle gives me the best feeling. It\'s name is Memo and riding on it never bores me. Not any vehicles but this vehicle has my heart ?