Memoir from the Hill

Upon the hilly steep mountain we reside
picnicking under the empty moon
as we dance to the music of fun
love resonates as gems in the sky

mountain-high scenes our arms foretold
as fireworks ignite the silence sky
hysteria point fills our brain
that my nerves see you as crescent moon

we thrive not to get lost at the dark
for we soul desire that this never fade
as greenish fireflies make our heart grow
rays of sunlight trap as pigments on our mind

I see heavenly treasure in you
for I kiss the sadness that sleep on your face the path breaks into two gangway
life is meaningless without duality.

everywhere is the same as eve caress
our lips become dry as lizards on water
I am yours feed me tonight and always
show me the love I always deserved

so my bones rejuvenate with strength
strength of unity and unending love
not on a day that breaks the gourd
humanity should love each other everyday

not on Christmas nor new year
for everyday sun rises and day breaks
so love should be an everyday thing
not a set aside captive day

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